Saturday, 17 December 2011

Seven Stylish Ways To Tie Silk Scarves

Silk scarf is the most wonderful jewelry for a woman. Considerably difference is often found your outfit even if it has a little embellishment about the neck. Your unique fashion style is demonstrated by your choice of silk scarf, and how you choose to tie your scarf indicates about your degree of sophistication. Ladies are really typically noticed grumbling about not getting in a position to choose the ideal sort of silk scarf for themselves and not getting certain about the knots could be appropriate for them. For those who have any questions, please see the following.

Endless possibilities for new ways to wear the scarf have emerged due to designers creatively joining two silk square scarves having a metal chain. It is possible to treat it as a waist chain or perhaps a one of a kind top. You may prefer the extra classic butterfly knot which can also better highlight the stunning attention to detail with having your metal chain exposed.

You can take a silk scarf in a bright color and wealthy pattern and tie it on the pants as a decoration when you like a street fashion style. The fit pants are better selection to prevent the really feel of too light, considering that the silk scarf itself is light weight. The scarf hanging length need to not beyond your knee, if go with shorts.

For those who like the stewardess look, simply decide on a colorful silk scarf and place a butterfly knot neatly on either the left or right side of one's neck. Scarves make wonderful accessories to a plain v-neck t-shirt! A bit tight tying could make the scarf surface smooth without wrinkle and the lateral butterfly knot need to not too large to stay clear of the casual expression.

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You could wear a silk scarf as a belt by merely folding in into a lengthy piece of fabric. The brilliance of the silk scarf looks distinctly fantastic when worn with the skirt. You may also, use this as a belt or waist band for your windbreaker without generating it too colorful.

Rectangular silk scarves are versatile and may well be applied at the neck or to cover one's head. You could leave some hair exposed about your ear or forehead. If the scarf has a sequin decorated hem, it'll be far more charming. The clothing can be close for your typical style of dressing.

Growing to a bigger size of the silk scarf can make the scarf knot extra dramatic. The hem embellished elastic scarf will likely be suitable for the rich layers. This can be a huge knot, and as such, it isn't ideal to utilize with clothing that has high collars, or embellished with complex patterns. For the same reason, the females using a brief neck or pear-shaped face are not suitable for this knot.

The simplest use of a scarf is after you tie it in a shawl scarf knot. The one you'll need is actually a major silk scarf. It can dress up your appear for a social occasion which include going to a concert, or it can do a practical job of keeping you warm on a brisk day. You could produce distinct looks by either draping it over your shoulder or your arm. The way you tie your scarf gives you additional variation in you clothing possibilities.

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Thursday, 15 December 2011

Wearing Chiffon Scarves With Style

Now that scarves have become modern and trendy in their styles, so have the ways to adorn them. The traditional ways of adorning a silk scarf or a chiffon scarf is to wrap it around the hair or the neck. But with changing clothing styles, changing trends and times, the scarves are now being tied in creative and innovative styles to look hip and hep. Men and women both wear chiffon scarves to beautify their looks. The innovative styles are a good break from the monotony and also help in acquiring absolutely new looks with the same chiffon scarf.

How To Wear Chiffon Scarves With Style:
  • A very popular style of wearing a chiffon scarf is to wear it around the hip as a hip scarf. Usually hip chiffon scarves can be seen at beaches as a shorter version of the beach sarongs.
  • One can also wear it as a halter top with knot at the back. It can also make a good off shoulder or a single shoulder top.
  • A chiffon scarf wrapped around the waist as also looks cute and stylish. It is a distinct look that is very feminine and peppy.
  • Scarves carelessly hung around the neck also look nice. They can be either wrapped around the neck once or left as it is, with the ends hanging down.
  • A simple knot around the neck in the side and the front also looks smart.
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Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Tying a Scarf "Light Queen" Styles

If you are looking for a very professional looking way to tie a scarf (a method commonly used for business and uniform attire) then the "Light Queen" wrap might be perfect for you.

The scarf is tied similar to a men's necktie. The pashmina is rolled up diagonally to create a narrow scarf. Usually it is wrapped two to three times around the neck but the number of wrappings is personal preference and also depends on the length of the scarf used. For a more detailed instruction on the "Light Queen" wrap please see the detailed diagram on the right.

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Tuesday, 13 December 2011

How To Tie Women Scarf Slip Knot Style

Of all the different methods to tie a pashmina scarf, the slip knot closely resembles the classic necktie knot used by men. The slip knot is one of the most popular scarf knots used on women's uniforms. You will see this type of know quite often on female flight attendants for example.


1. Roll teh scarf up from one corner. The width of the roll is personal preference but should be in balance with your neck length. Place the rolled up scarf around your neck.

2. Just like when tying a mens tie, take one end of the scarf and wrap it around the other end.

3. Then take the same end of the scarf and pull it through the loop on your neck. Then pull it through the loop on top of the knot you created in the previous step. This is very similar to the Four in Hand Necktie Knot

4. Tighten the scarf slightly and adjust the look to your preference. And you are done!

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Monday, 12 December 2011

How To Tie Women Scarf : Neck Wrap

The classic neck-wrap is a very traditional way to tie a scarf. It is perfectly suited for slightly shorter silken scarfs and pashminas.


1. Place the scarf on a flat surface and fold in half to create a triangle. Then keep folding in the scarf from one side until it has the desired width.

2. Lay the scarf around your neck and tie a simple knot just like the one when tying a shoe. One side of the scarf should hang down lower.

3. Then take the end of the scarf that hangs down further and fold it in half. Then pull this part through the loop near your neck in a way that creates a pouch. Give some final adjustment on personal preference.

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