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How To Tie Casual Sleek Fold Neck Scarf

A classic way to tie a scarf! As the name suggests, it is casual, yet sleek and elegant. It well suited for a wide range of outfits from formal to professional work attire. Best suited are longer scarves. Whether you tug one end into your blazer, or leave it on top is personal preference. Try both in front of a mirror and choose what fits best to your outfit.

  1. Carefully roll up the scarf to the preferred widh. The right width depends on factors like the scarf's length your body type (more importantly your neck), and the design pattern on the scarf.
  2. Fold the rolled up scarf in half and lay it around your neck as indicated in the picture.
  3. Take both ends of the scarf and pull it through he look. Then give it some final styling based on your preference.

How To Choose The Right Scarf

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Gorgeous designer scarves! If you are looking for a way to look good and feel good, while wanting to make a statement about who you truly are, then you might want to get a few scarfs for your dresser. Here is a guide on how you want to properly accentuate using one of the most diverse accessories in the planet.

Scarfs are a great thing to purchase because they are one of those things that never go out of style no matter how different trends seem to change. They allow you to get new wardrobe without having to buy new clothes. These are high quality accessories that should be found in your closet along with ties and bows. This way, you don't have to spend your savings on every fad.

When you are considering color, you should think of how it will compliment your skin tone. If you have a light complexion it wouldn't be wise to buy something too bright. Same thing goes if you have a darker complexion. Also, it has to go well with your coat or jacket. At first, it'll be difficult to find a color to balance out the two, but you'll eventually find one.

Think about opposites when matching your coat with scarfs. The coarser and thicker the coat, the finer or thinner the math should be, vice-versa. It is just a matter of how you mix and match it. For example, a black one would go well with a brown coat. Or a black leather jacket with a thick white one. Both looks are great for males and females.

This tip is for the ones who love to wear suits. The rare three piece suit which has recently been popularized, works really well with scarf. A trench coat on top of a cashmere-made accessory makes a man look really good and made up. Pair a black suit with green one, blue suit with red one, and a gray suit with blue one.

If you are the type of person who enjoys the simplicity of casual clothes then a short or medium piece is the one for you. There's nothing like seeing a man/woman walking down the street wearing jeans, a leather jacket and triangle-folded scarfs wrapped around their neck. Women can pull off wearing bold colors that are brighter, while men may want to wear more subdued colors.

Come winter time, hand knitted sweaters and thick jackets are the basis on which type you'd want to match it with. The main reason people wear these clothes are to keep their body temperate, but if you look hard enough you'll find some products with the same quality for winter but with fantastic designs. What better way to get warm than with a designer made scarf.

When it comes to which style you want to purchase that all depends on you. There is a wide selection of styles on which you can choose from. You can retro and buy the 80's or 70's items or go for a more formal one like a Pashmina. Make sure that what you purchase is one you'd like to wear for more than one occasion.

Scarfs are made to enhance the beauty that each person possess, so don't be afraid to try out new things even if you're the only one who seems to be doing it. Creativity needs to be played out whenever you dress, especially when you're dealing with designs and colors as each one has something to offer. Go and find out which you like best that'll best suit your disposition and lifestyle.

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